Get Rich Quick: Creatively and consciously

You’ve probably heard money gurus say that investing in your 20’s will lead you to retire from your 9-5 job and be financially abundant within old age. Now, as promising as that sounds, what if I were to tell you, you don’t have to wait until you're older to receive the financial wealth and freedom you deserve? You deserve to prosper in this lifetime and why wait for years to come for you to finally enjoy life at its fullest?

With this course Get Rich Quick, we will guide you step by step, to living a more creative and conscious lifestyle with becoming a Money Magnet. Your full potential awaits you! The simple difference between a wealthy person and a rich person is that a wealthy person sustains wealth as a rich person has money, and it’s gone. Building wealth is building value to others. It’s freedom! Get yourself on track with a wealthy mind, body, and soul!

Are you ready to attract wealth, health, love, and balance?

Learn how wealth is created, the rules for attracting wealth, and how you can be in a mindset where wealth is magnetized to you!

Contents of the course:

  1. FEAR VS. PURPOSE: Blocking your potential.
  2. WEALTH: More than money.
  3. TIME: The IMPACT of divine time.
  4. SIGNIFICANCE: What is your purpose?
  5. LIFESTYLE: Being honest with yourself and your desires.
  6. CONFIDENCE: Not selling yourself short.
  7. FOCUS: Finding the right rhythm and tasks.
  8. STRUCTURES: Knowing your capacity.
  9. BOUNDARIES: Installing your structure.
  10. MONEY VALUES/MINDSET: Understanding the mindset and cognitive dissonance.
  11. EXPERIENCE: Understanding the experiences life gives to you
  12. INTUITION: Listening and trusting yourself on your journey to wealth.
  13. PRESENT REALITY: Knowing where you are in your journey.
  14. RESPONSIBILITY: Respecting your inner purpose.
  15. SCALABILITY: Understanding wealth capacity.
  16. FEELINGS WORK: Emotions that could be limiting your true abilities.  

About the Instructor:

Hi, I’m Vanessa Massera

Vanessa Massera is setting a new standard for how to invest, earn money, and create wealth. Her commitment to financial education is changing the the way business and individuals handle their wealth and their investments. As an entrepreneur of her own company as well as at Tolerant Planet LTD, she specializes in education and tech related investment information.

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